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What do you get when you take a 30 year-old mail order brand up to speed with today's technology and consumer mobile purchasing habits? A big wave of new business—with wholesale purchasing capabilities baked in.

Increase sales without increasing your footprint. Blue Salt brewed up built-in subscription purchase capabilities that expanded sales through a simple, speedy checkout process that makes it a snap to enjoy the popular coffee shop roasts at home.

Who said e-commerce is only for physical products? This valuable service company offers an online course along with consulting services set up by Blue Salt. A complex automated signature agreement process was designed and integrated.

Don’t sweat the details. Blue Salt ‘s expert build and design allows Bwana Yoga Supply to take the hassle out of operating its custom apparel store for independent yoga studios.

What's In Our Quiver

Strategy & Implementation

Just getting started? We work side-by-side with our clients, getting to know their businesses intimately and offer suggestions or solutions to help them meet their  financial and personal goals.

Website Design & Build

Chances are you're an expert at your business, and maybe not a software or design guru. Well we are, so if you are smart enough to understand your limits and the ROI that's generated with professional assistance, than let's talk.

Technical Workflows

Launching an E-Commerce website that takes advantage of current "best practices" in order to convert visitors into buyers, or run the back-end smoothly, usually means you'll need additional tools. Software tools in the form of "apps" can sometimes be tricky to install and operate; we've got you covered.

Ongoing Analysis

E-Commerce changes every day for every single business in it. Tools that let you analyze even the most minute details are widely available and its easy to loose yourself in them. Keeping you and your team appraised of ongoing changes or opportunities for the business is what we focus on for you. 

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Free MeetUps in San Diego, Orange County and LA are scheduled every two weeks. Here you can get hands on learning and advice for your online store.

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Product Copy Refresh

Is your Product copy stale? The Product pages are where you make or break a sale.  Give it a refresh with our new service starting at $250.

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Dashboard Design & Host

Follow your most important metrics on a single page. We'll connect data from your website, third party apps and even spreadsheets if needed!

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